How to Measure Soil pH Cheap and Easy



By Stephen Legaree of Alberta Urban Garden

Soil pH is one of the most important factors that can be overlooked in the garden. pH has impacts on the availability of nutrients and of the plants ability to take them up. If the pH of your garden soil is not in the optimal range for the plants you are trying to grow you may end up having issues. Often plants grown in a soil that does not have the optimal pH don’t produce or if they do their harvests are low while the plant may looks stressed. On today’s joint episode between the Testing Garden Assumptions and Urban Garden Series I am going to take a look at soil pH, how to easily measure it and how you can adjust the pH over time if need be. pH is measured in a 14 point scale with 0 being the most acidic 7 neutral and 14 the most basic.

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References: University of Vermont pH requirements for plant growth reference sheet:

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