How To Grow Tomatoes in The Japanese Ring


ALABAMA, by Jason Smith, the Dancing Farmer at Cog Hill Farm

In this video I show you how To Grow Tomatoes In The Japanese Ring! Organic & EASY!
Going to try growing tomatoes in the Japanese Ring

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The Japanese Ring…not this is not The Grudge or Ringu…This is an organic way to grow & stake your tomatoes!

I was reading “Epic Tomatoes” , & came across a method of growing tomatoes that I have never heard before, called The Japanese Ring…Sounds like a horror moving or some old school medieval torture device, but I got to reading about how it works. And with the Japanese Ring method of growing tomatoes, you take a ring of wire, which I had an extra tomato cage that I just built, & place it in your garden where you will be planting your tomatoes, & then you plant your tomatoes around the ring, & start to fill the ring with compost & composting material. As the compost breaks down, it will feed your tomatoes, & as your tomatoes grow, you tie it to the cage or in this case, the Japanese Ring.

This sounded like such a great way to grow tomatoes, & such an easy way to stake your tomatoes, while they feed off free compost!

And I am always needing places to make more compost, & so this method of growing tomatoes, the Japanese Ring, will be perfect for growing delicious organic heirloom tomatoes! So why not plant your tomatoes around your compost pile…makes perfectly good sense & maybe one of the best tomatoes cage ideas or one of teh best ways to trellis tomatoes that I have ever heard of. So excited about growing our tomatoes this way & will keep y’all up to date of the progress of our tomatoes growing in the Japanese Ring.

I do hope you enjoyed this YouTube video on how to grow your tomatoes in the Japanese Ring! And hope y’all try & growing your own tomatoes & vegetables this year, even if it is in a pot on on your back porch! Always grow your own!!

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