How to Grow Blackberries in Containers (for California)


IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, by California Gardening

A complete guide on grow the best tasting blackberries in containers. We go thru the process of preparing soil, planting your blackberry bush, adding fertilizer, the watering process as well as tips on when to harvest your blackberries. Buy seeds here:

Blackberries are easy to grow in containers. We are using a mix of 30% compost, 30% perlite and 30% peat moss. This is a great potting mix for blackberries.

For fertilizer there are options to either use an organic fertilizer or go with a tomato fertilizer or all purpose 10-10-10 fertilizer.

These thornless blackberries start producing blackberries on their canes in the first year itself and will go on to produce a lot of blackberries as the bush grows.

We hope this episode encourages you to grow blackberries easily in your garden. Happy growing!

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