How to Find & Use Inexpensive LED Grow Light Tubes: Replace Fluorescent Bulbs & Reuse Fixtures



by Gary Pilarchik at The Rusted Garden

Published on Jan 21, 2018

The price of LED bulbs have dropped significantly. I show you how to find LED replacements for your 4 foot fluorescent tubes. I go over where to find them, costs, how to use them and the ratings that make effective grow lights. I also show you two inexpensive out of the box LED lights you can use immediately.

Here is the Lights of America LED 4500 Lumens, 5000K 4 foot Shop Light as seen in video
Here is the Lithonia Lighting LED 3000 Lumens, 4000K 3 foot Shop light as seen in the video
Amazon price will vary as I quoted Walmart in store price.

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