Garden architecture makeover by Curt Arnette


AUSTIN, TX from Central Texas Gardener 

With architecture, native stones, and resourceful plants, landscape architect Curt Arnette designed multi-leveled gardens on a hilly site to respect the interface of land, family engagement and wildlife.

Find more great videos on the CTG YouTube channel.


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  1. <path_to_url> Brent Clark {512)281-6382

    Worked with Curt many years ago, “Architectural Concrete Services”, Brent Clark. I have been unsuccessful contacting Curt w/o joining some club organization .I sent Curt pictures of a layout of Texas Shell stone, cut into
    square angles that would boarder a fireplace. On the out side there is a spectacular arrangement of petrified wood. Unfortunately I’ve gotten no response. I am not sure he got them. I literately have over a 1/2 ton of petrified wood woolly mammoth ” ivory” section of tusk and loads of unique stone. I hoped I may find an outlet to help me pay bills due to my wife’s stroke. I will continue trying to contact Curt. Any contact info will be gratefully accepted.


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