Frank Asher, the Green Beating Heart of Shaw in DC



By PlantPop

His urban garden retail center, located in northwest Washington, D.C., is his gift to his favorite city.

“I fell in love with D.C. the moment I came here.”

Frank noticed that people passing by his nursery on their way to work would be so focused on where they were going, they were missing out on the nature around them. Whenever people actually stop and look at what he has growing, it’s the most wonderful feeling for him.

“That was the gift for me. To be able to have an impact on people just taking a moment and taking nature in.”

Frank doesn’t see what he’s doing as being a “guerrilla gardener”, he just wanted to improve his neighborhood and what better way to do that than by plants?

Educating the public is what Old City Farm and Guild is all about and with frequent event offerings and knowledgable staff on hand, it’s easy to do.

“Old City Farm and Guild is known as the Green Beating Heart of Shaw…it’s about connecting people and plants.”

In a city that never seems to get fully quiet, it’s refreshing to find those little spots of green to rejuvenate the senses and relax.

For more information about Old City Farm and Guild, visit their website or Facebookpage.

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