Fall Tour of Aspen Grove Gardens



From Robert Pavlis, the gardener at Aspen Grove Gardens:

Garden Tour of Aspen Grove Gardens, fall 2015. Enjoy a video tour of this lovely private garden located in Southern Ontario. Learn how to make good use of ornamental grasses, water features, and focal points to create a stunning garden for 12 months of the year.

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Aspen Grove is a private garden that is being developed by Robert Pavlis, a garden writer, educator and plant-a-holic. In the past 10 years he has transformed 6 acres of wilderness into Guelph’s largest private garden.

Aspen Grove Gardens takes advantage of the hilly terrain to create an inspired setting. The areas of elevation of this hilly property are both a challenge and an opportunity for unique garden design: a steep, long cascading waterfall, a dry stone waterfall feature, several ponds at different elevations and bog gardens in water retentive areas. The gardens are extensive. The owners are plant collectors and have amassed over 1,500 different varieties. Rare and unusual perennials, trees and shrubs thrive in both sunny and shady conditions. A Japanese tea house, a dry garden, a forty foot arbor and a variety of statues heighten the experience of viewing this beautiful garden.

If you are interested in garden ideas, garden design, or landscape design this garden video tour will be of interest to you. It will help you to design your gardener better for a great fall display.

Stunning focal points are an important garden design element used in this garden.

Robert Pavlis is also the owner, and author of two gardening blogs. http://www.gardenmyths.com/

Garden myths is a blog that uncovers the secretes of common garden myths and tries to understand the truth about gardens and plants. http://www.gardenfundamentals.com/ is a blog that presents general information about gardening, plants and garden design, for both the beginner and advanced gardener.

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