Does Organic Slug Control Really Work?


ALBERTA, CANADA, by Stephen Legaree  of Alberta Urban Garden

Slugs are garden pests that can do a lot of damage in a short period of time. In today’s testing garden assumptions series video I am going to go through the most commonly recommended methods to manage slugs and how I am planning to manage them in my garden.

0:23 Are Slugs a Garden Pest?
1:06 General Pest Management Philosophy
1:45 Passive Slug Management
2:36 Active pest management
2:58 Do Eggshells Deter Slugs?
3:20 Manually picking and killing slugs
3:50 Beer Trap for Slug Management
5:01 Using predators to manage pests like slugs
5:45 Does Salt work to Deter slugs
6:20 Does Copper work to deter slugs
7:14 Is Diatomaceous earth effective for slug control

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