Curb Appeal in the South



From Mississippi State’s Southern Gardening with Dr. Gary Bachman


I’ve always liked the look of white picket fences in the yard. Let’s take a look how my friend Barbara has used her picket fence to show off her front garden. It’s pretty easy see how fantastic the front garden bed is in front of the white picket fence. These orange Sunpatiens can’t be beat for easy care and non-stop color; aside from consistent watering they’re virtually maintenance free. With our warm night temperatures they grow strongly, so step back and enjoy. Cuban Gold Duranta is a pleasant sight, where its sunny bright colors are always welcome. I think its easy see why it is sometimes called the golden boxwood. Peeking out are the three to four inch flowers of Goldsturm rudbeckia with deep yellow rays and dark brownish-black center cones. They’re perfect for our hot and humid summers and have some drought tolerance. I love the tropical look of these Majestic palms growing in the large concrete urns. These robust plants with their graceful, feather-like fronds are right at home on either side of the front gate. Sprawling under the palms are perky multi-colored calibrachoa. Anchoring the corner is the six-foot tall Bengal Tiger canna with its brilliant orange blooms. The foliage is deep green with spectacular yellow stripes. Bengal Tiger is certainly a traffic stopper on Jackson Street. Be creative and combine different plants for a sensational landscape. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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