Core Aeration and Overseeding of a Healthy Lawn


By NaturalLawn of America.

GGVideos Editor Note: Demonstrates this best-practice for having a thick, relatively weed-free lawn, and recommends it be done in the fall for cool-season grasses.

We had just have one question: The video recommends a large device for getting good seed-to-soil contact that only professionals would own, so what’s a homeowner to do?  And they responded:

Great question! It’s possible to use a section of chain link fence with a board nailed to the back of it to weight it down a little. A board would also work or even something similar like chicken wire or bed springs. If you don’t have any of these materials, take a leaf rake and rake over the lawn.

Thanks! A rake is something home gardeners have. (Chicken wire and bed springs, probably not.)

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