Container Gardening 101 with Annie Hayes


By Annie Hayes: “Here at our urban nursery, we’re tight on space and we don’t always have the luxury of planting everything in the ground. If we’ve offered it for sale, then we’ve tried it in a container – from small trees to the tiniest rock garden treasures. And if we’ve learned one thing (OK – more than one thing, but that’s why you should watch the video) – it is this: SIZE MATTERS. As in, the size of your container is of essential importance. Those chubby, juicy roots are going to need space to spread out and if hindered, will lead to less than thrilling results. If you’ve been disappointed by how your containers have performed in the past then tune in – we’re going to give you some of our tried and true tips for how to do it right!”

Find more great videos on the Annie’s Annuals Youtube channel. 

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