Color and Whimsy in a Mississippi Garden



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On this video: Some landscapes are very formal, while other gardens are more relaxed. Today we’re visiting our friends Jane and Cham in their fun back yard landscape. Of course Jane has the ability to put together some awesome combinations with a lush tropical feel, but she is also one of those talented gardeners that just have a knack for using repurposed materials and colorful pots to create whimsy in the landscape. One of the first things I noticed was all the hardscape materials. From the recycled imprinted paver bricks, to the soothing sound of the rocky water feature, to the stacked Arkansas field stone borders. All work to make this 10-year old garden look much older. Like all gardens, plant interests change and right now succulents are getting a lot of attention. And with all the variety succulents have to offer, what’s not to love? I really like this repurposed “custom” pallet bench and succulent planter, all under the watchful eye of the garden fairy. I also like the fanciful cart alongside of the pool seemingly ready to serve a treat at “sedum” time. But most whimsical of all has to be Sargent Cat R. Pillar, who is a favorite of Jane’s granddaughter over in heavy metal land. He’s cobbled together from miscellaneous iron pieces, but can you guess what the Sarge’s legs once were? You caught my clue if you answered they’re from a shoeshine stand. And watching over her fun backyard is little “Jane” standing amongst her Mississippi Medallion winner Electric Lime coleus. I have to say, Jane and Cham certainly have an enjoyable backyard landscape. I’m horticulturist Gary Bachman and I’ll see you next time on Southern Gardening.

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