Coconut Coir: What it is and How to Use it in the Garden


SAN DIEGO, CA, by Kevin at Epic Gardening

Also known as coco coir, coco peat, coconut fiber, or many other branded names, this soil amendment and hydroponic medium is a fantastic addition to most gardens. In this video, we’re going to talk about:

– How coco coir is made
– What to watch out for when buying from the store
– The difference between coco coir, coconut fiber, and coco chips
– The coco vs. soil debate
– The upsides and downsides of growing in coco coir
– My favorite brands


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Comment from GGVideos:

Coconut coir is being used in seed starting and potting and hydroponic mixes. Kevin does a good job explaining what coconut coir is, how it’s made, the best types for outdoor garden and hydroponic systems and how to mix it with potting soils.


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