Claude Monet’s Garden in Giverny, France


FRANCE by Michael Moller on Floratube

Monet’s Garden, around the big house, where the famous artist lived the last half of his life, is a beautiful place. You can’t help falling in love with that place.
Monet was a famous artist already when he lived, and he earned good ´money. He hired 7 gardeners to look after his garden!

The house and garden is placed in a small town Giverny 90 km. west of Paris and is easy to reach. You can use your camera and tripod without problems.

I am glad to say thank you to andrzej olesiak for ideas and inspiration.

The music is the same as in my film about Boller Castle; simply because in my ears it is the perfect music to this film. Furthermore Debussy lived at the same time as Monet, and I wonder if they did not meet?

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