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Published March 9, 2016. Cornell University turfgrass expert Dr. Frank Rossi narrates this short how-to video from the free ebook Lawn Care: The Easiest Steps To An Attractive Environmental Asset. Confirm that the cool-season grass seed combination in the seed bag is the best match for your needs. Bags of grass seed are generally a mix of species claiming to target a specific situation. 100% perennial ryegrass seeds sprouts the fastest and should only be use to patch small bare spots. For renovation or new establishment avoid mixes that have more than 20% perennial ryegrass as its seedlings can over-whelm the other species. Also avoid mixes with annual rye-grass which only survive one growing season.

Excerpt from the free ebook Lawn Care: The Easiest Steps To An Attractive Environmental Asset, available from iTunes and at Cornell’s turf site. It features expertise from Cornell University Turfgrass research team. Seven short how-to videos are key features. Additionally, photo galleries, interactive images and concise directions make it quick and easy to understand how to cultivate a healthy lawn that is an attractive environmental asset. Guidance is also provided on advanced lawn care including addressing problem areas and creating a new lawn. Details apply to lawns in places with growing conditions comparable to New York State. Connect with your local Cooperative Extension network to gather additional information for your specific growing region.

See also Cornell’s Lawn Care website. 

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