Best Wood Chips for your Vegetable Garden


CHICAGO AREA, by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution

What’s the best wood chip mulch to use in your vegetable garden? I answer this question in today’s video.

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7 reasons why arborist wood chips are the best wood chip mulch for your vegetable garden:

0:34 they support a broad diversity of soil life and promote healthier plants
1:08 their diversity in materials and particle sizes results in less compaction compared to uniform mulches
1:32 they are large enough to remain on the soil surface
2:03 they don’t tie up nitrogen in the root zone
2:50 they break down slowly
3:27 they are local and sustainable
3:53 they are the least expensive option

“Using Arborist Wood Chips as Landscape Mulch” by Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott…

I’m passionate about an approach to organic gardening that is frugal, easy, sustainable, and works with nature to achieve amazing results. My videos will help you grow more healthy organic fruits and vegetables, while working less and saving money. I don’t push gardening products. I don’t hype bogus “garden secrets”. I provide evidence based strategies to help you grow a lot of food on a little land without spending much or working harder than you have to!

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