Acclimating Indoor Seedlings to Outdoors (Hardening Off) in 6 Easy Steps


Published on Mar 17, 2019

Acclimate your indoor vegetable seedlings to the outdoors in 6 easy steps. This process is called hardening off, is easy to do, but should be done gradually over a week so as not to damage your plants. Follow the steps in this video so your vegetable seedlings are ready to plant outside in the garden!

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6. Peat pellets
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Small (36mm):
7. Plant labels:
8. Heat mat:
9. Grow Lights: (Lumens should be 1500-3000, Kelvin should be 4500-6500)
**Clamp light set up:
-8.5” (can also use 10”) Clamp Light:
-LED Screw bulb:
-CFL screw bulb:
-plastic bin for grow light box:

**Shop light set up:
-Fixture – 4′:
-Bulbs 4’:
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**Table Top light set up:

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