Best How-to-Garden Videos for Spring

Learn to create or improve your garden this spring with these collections of the best how-to videos for spring gardening topics, all selected by the editors at Good Gardening Videos.

Landscape Plants

From left: Steve Bender, Kim Todd and Rebecca Sweet

Early Spring Pruning

Plants covered:  roses, crepe myrtles, Rose of Sharon, oakleaf and PeeGee hydrangeas, buddleia, summer-blooming spirea, crabapple, boxwood and juniper.

Videos: 19.


From left: Amy Grisak, Lucy Summers, Steve Hutton and Charlie Nardozzi.

How to Plant Trees, Shrubs and Perennials

Why these videos are so helpful: The right way to put plants in the ground is simple enough, but too often done wrong.  And it’s a topic learned best by watching.

Videos: 11 about planting, 3 about replanting.


From left: Melinda Myers and the late, great Cass Turnbull of the nonprofit Plant Amnesty.

How to Prune Spring-Flowering Shrubs

Plants covered:  Forsythia, evergreen azalea, rhododendrons, lilac, deutzia, kerria, mockoranage, weigela, viburnum, st. johnswort, redtwig and yellowtwig dogwoods, Virginia sweetspire, quince, spring-flowering roses, and spring-blooming spirea. If you have these shrubs they probably need pruning, and the how-to is NOT intuitive. So watch.

Videos: 8, plus links to more.


From left: Dave Epstein, Paul Tukey and an unnamed expert at Cornell.

Enlightened Lawn Care for Spring

Why these videos are so needed:  They start by asking what your lawn REALLY needs this spring? These experts recommend a low-maintenance lawn-care option that saves you time and money and is best for the environment. You can ignore the barrage of ads every spring telling you to “green-up” your lawn.

Videos: 7 about general lawn care (feeding, seeding, etc) and 2 about repairing bare patches. All are for cool-season grasses – fescues, bluegrass, and perennial ryegrass – not warm-season grasses like zoysia.


From left: Patrick Dolan, Joe Lamp’l and Trish Boudier.

How to Create a Veg Garden 

Topics covered: designing and planning a vegetable garden (10 videos), raised beds of various types (11 videos), and how to grow vegetables in containers (5 videos).


From left: Luke Marion, CaliKim, and Wendy Phan.


How to Support Vegetables Vertically

Plants covered: trellis and other supports for tomatoes (8 videos),  cucumbers, melons and squash (8 videos), how to make a trellis (2 videos), other types of support for vegetables (2 videos).


From left: James Prigioni and Nan Sterman.

How to Plant Berries and Fruit Trees

Plants covered: blueberries (5 videos), strawberries (4 videos), raspberries and blackberries (6 videos), planting and growing grapes (5 videos), planting fruit trees (10 videos) and links to more.