Best Videos on Seed-Starting

Save money and enjoy the best selection of vegetable varieties by starting them from seed. This collection of videos features general vegetable and flower seed-starting tips. We’ve included videos on potting and seed-starting soil mixes, as well. For the avid gardener there is a collection of videos on various grow light set-ups to use in seed-starting and tips on starting perennials, trees and shrubs from seed. Enjoy!

Starting Vegetable and Flower Seeds – General

“VEGETABLE SEED-STARTING”  by Charlie Nardozzi for the National Gardening Association. Basics on types of seed starting pots, soil and variety selection for starting vegetables indoors.

“HOW TO GROW FLOWERS AND EDIBLES FROM SEED” is a great short overview on seed starting with Kathy LaLiberte, formerly of Gardeners Supply Company.

From GrowOrganic Peaceful Valley in California: “HOW TO START VEGETABLE AND FLOWER SEEDS INDOORS”  is a good short video with basic information on seed-starting soils and various seedling trays. And “GROWING SEEDLINGS”  is a nice followup on caring for seedlings once they germinate. Includes information on fertilizing, lights and thinning seedlings.

“HOW TO GROW MARIGOLDS FROM SEED” by LearnHow2 in the U.K.  Basics on starting marigolds from seed indoors.

LIMA BEAN TIME LAPSE” by photographer David Marvin. Fun time lapse video of lima beans growing. Inspirational!

“IMPROVED PAPER TOWEL AND BAGGY METHOD OF GERMINATING SEED” by Robert Pavlis of Garden Fundamentals. Starting seeds indoors using the paper towel and baggy method. He talks about the pros and cons of starting seeds this way.

TOP TIPS FOR SEED-STARTING INDOORS by GrowVeg in the UK. Nice step-by-step tips on the basics of seed starting. From the UK, but pertinent for anywhere you’re starting seeds indoors. You just need to adjust their seed starting chart for your climate.

WINTER SEED-SOWING OUTDOORS IN CONTAINERS by Robert Pavlis of Garden Fundamentals.  Interesting technique on sowing seeds in containers, outdoors, even where it’s still snowing and cold, and letting them naturally germinate when the light and warmth is right.

“HARDENING OFF TOMATOES IN COLD FRAMES” by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution, Frugal and Sustainable Organic Gardening. How to harden off tomato seedlings grown indoors by moving them slowly into cold frames in the garden. This protects them from weather and temperature swings in spring.

“HARDENING OFF SEEDLINGS (A SEED-STARTING BASIC) by How to Grow a Garden with Scarlett Damen, a N. American somewhere in Europe.  A review of different methods of hardening off a variety of seedlings before planting them in the garden.

Lights for Seed-Starting

HOW TO GROW HEALTHIER SEEDLINGS USING GROW LIGHTS” by Grow Veg in the U.K. (Yanks may want to use the closed captions to catch every word, but they’ve been edited for accuracy. Thanks for doing that, GrowVeg!) Overview of the basics on seed starting indoors under grow lights.

“HOW TO BUILD A GROW-LIGHT BOX FOR SEED-STARTING”  by Gary Pilarchik of The Rusted Garden. Good DIY video for someone who wants to build their own seed starting system indoors really cheap using household items.

5 INDOOR GROW LIGHT SYSTEM IDEAS by Garden Answer for Gardeners Supply Co. in Vermont.  Five different systems not just for seed starting, but also growing plants indoors. The Gardeners Supply products used in the video can be found elsewhere. (Gardeners is also a founding sponsor of the nonprofit educational campaign Good Gardening

HOW TO USE LED BULBS IN YOUR SEED-STARTING LIGHTING SYSTEM by Gary Pilarchik at The Rusted Garden. For the more serious seed-starter who’s looking to up their light game with LED bulbs. Nice look at what bulbs to buy and how to purchase them inexpensively. He provides links to other grow-light station videos, too.

“CFL OR FLUORESCENT GROW LIGHTS – WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW TO BUY AND BUILD THE BEST GROW OPERATION” by Alberta Urban Garden: Simple Organic and Sustainable. Selecting different fluorescent grow lights for your grow-light system. A more technical video for the indoor seed-starting light geek.

Soil for Seed-Starting

From  GrowVeg in the U.K.: MAKE THE BEST SEED-STARTING AND POTTING MIX” explains the difference between seed starting mix and potting soil and how to make your own, with recipes.  “HOW TO MAKE BIODEGRADABLE SEED-STARTING POTS”  shows some fun ways to make your own seedling pots, including using newspaper, toilet tubes and egg trays. Fun project to do with kids.

 “MAKING YOUR OWN SEED-STARTING MIX – THE BASICS” by The Rusted Garden. A simple video for beginners on the basics of what’s in seed starting mix and how to make your own.

COCO COIR V. SEED-STARTING MIX” by Paula Thomas at Gapey’s Grub in the Pacific Northwest. One woman’s experiment with comparing coir with traditional seed starting mix. She talks about the advantages and disadvantages of each seed starting mix.

Growing Perennials and Trees from Seed

SEED-STARTING AND GERMINATING FOR LAVENDER AND ROSEMARY by Gary Pilarchik of  The Rusted Garden blog and The Rusted Garden Youtube Channel.  Good tips on growing these perennials from seed indoors.

STARTING HERBS AND PERENNIALS INDOORS: SEED MIX AND PLANTING TECHNIQUES by Gary Pilarchik at The Rusted Garden. Good step by step method for growing perennial herbs, like organo and sage, from seed indoors. He has another similar video on Growing Shasta Daisies, Butterfly Weed and Baby’s Breath perennial flowers from seed, too.

HOW TO GROW TREES FROM SEED by Oklahoma State’s OK Gardening Classics. Good information on collecting and germinating seeds from nut and fruit trees. Starts with fall gathering seeds, but also talks about seeding them in spring.

“GERMINATION TIP: COLD STRATIFICATION OF SEEDS found on the Valley Roots Youtube Channel from New Zealand.Basics on breaking seed dormancy with the cold stratification technique.

“GERMINATION, STRATIFICATION, SCARIFICATION, SOAKING” is by Grow Organic Peaceful Valley in California. Tips on how to get tough seeds to germinate faster by scarring seed coats, using cold treatments and soaking in water.

HOW TO GROW A LEMON TREE FROM SEED by DIY Home and Garden.  Good, straightforward video on how to start seeds of citrus, including lemons, limes grapefruit, and oranges, from grocery store produce.”