Submit a Video

We’re looking for more good videos of all types of gardens, projects, plant profiles and more. They don’t have to be professional quality; they just need to be watchable and contain no inaccurate information.

Video subjects we’re looking for:

  • Your garden or any section thereof. Show just one time of the year, or throughout the season.
  • Your garden projects, especially if you have before and after shots. Include details in the video itself or in the description.
  • Your plants – your favorites, your failures, et cetera.
  • Demonstrations – of creating your favorite container, etc.
  • Surprise us.

Technical features we’re looking for:

  • Sound quality good enough to hear. Outdoor videos with people speaking need to be done with external microphones, lavalier or hand-held, not in-camera microphones.
  • Camera held steady.
  • Quiet background music only.
  • Horizontal, not vertical orientation.
  • Videos already uploaded to your Youtube or Vimeo account, so you can just send us the link.
  • More technical tips at DIY Video-Making.

Videos we don’t promote here:

  • Talking heads, whether at a podium or into microphone facing a camera.
  • Large blocks of text, typical of PowerPoint presentations.
  • Promotions for products – unless they’re garden media products (TV, books, etc).