Best Videos on Planting Berries and Fruit Trees

Our edibles editor Charlie Nardozzi created this new collection of the Best Videos on YouTube to meet the increasing demand of people wanting to grow fruit. They’ll teach you how to plant and grow berries and fruit trees. Enjoy!

Planting Blueberries

“HOW TO PLANT BLUEBERRIES” by University of Maine Extension (and applicable anywhere). Good information on when and how to plant blueberries, spacing, soil mix, watering and mulching.

“HOW TO PLANT AND GROW BLUEBERRY BUSHES” by Walter Reeves for the Georgia Farm Monitor. Covers planting blueberries in the Southeast, including varieties, siting the plants, soil amendments, and digging the planting hole.

HOW TO PLANT AND GROW BLUEBERRIES” by Grow Organic Peaceful Valley. California-based information on growing blueberries in pots, including blueberry varieties, soil and soil amendments, and planting tips. Tricia also includes tips for caring for established blueberries in spring.

HOW TO GROW BLUEBERRIES IN CONTAINERS” by Laura at Garden Answer in Eastern Oregon. Short, fun video on the basics of planting your blueberry in a pot.

“GROWING BLUEBERRIES IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA” by Nicholas Staddon of Monrovia Plants. Good information on planting blueberries in a pot in warm climates.

Planting Strawberries

HOW TO PLANT A STRAWBERRY BED” by the University of Maine covers the basics of buying strawberry plants, when and how to plant, spacing and moving daughter plants.

“HOW TO PLANT STRAWBERRIES IN A CONTAINER (STRAWBERRY JAR)” by White Flower Farm in Connecticut. Covers the basics on growing strawberries in a container and strawberry jar, including the best soil, fertilizing, watering and care.

“HOW TO BUILD AND PLANT A 3-TIER STRAWBERRY TOWER OUT OF REPURPOSED CONTAINERS” by Gary Pilarchik of The Rusted Garden in Maryland. Gary demonstrates using old plastic nursery pots to make a strawberry tower. It’s easy, inexpensive and effective. Great for gardeners who recycle!

HOW TO GROW STRAWBERRIES IN HANGING BASKETS” by English Master of Horticulture Harry Delaney. Good information (for gardeners anywhere) on the basket and liner. While he uses compost instead of potting soil, we recommend a mix of compost and potting soil for best drainage in a container.

Planting Raspberries and Blackberries

“HOW TO PLANT RASPBERRIES” by the University of Maine covers when and how to plant, spacing, soil care, watering and mulching. Also from the University of Maine, just for cold climates, are:

“BLACK RASPBERRIES: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW” by The Gardening Channel with James Prigioni in New Jersey. Good basic information on growing black raspberries, including the soil, pruning, how they grow and harvesting.

“HOW TO PLANT BLACKBERRIES” by Oklahoma State’s Oklahoma Gardening covers types of blackberries especiallyfor the South, with information on planting, watering, mulching and trellising.

“HOW TO GROW BLACKBERRIES IN CONTAINERS – THE COMPLETE GUIDE” by California Gardening. This video covers how to set up a container for planting blackberries in California. Includes information on containers, soil mix, planting, and caring for the plant through the first summer.

Planting Grapes

HOW TO PLANT A GRAPE VINE” by Gurney’s Seed and Nursery covers the basics about bare-root grape-planting, with information on digging the hole, where to plant, how to plant, and watering.

“HOW TO PLANT A MUSCADINE VINE” by Ison’s Nursery and Vineyard in Georgia. Good basic information on planting a muscadine grape in the South. Includes soils, digging the hole, staking, pruning, watering, and protecting the vine for the first year with a planting tube. The information is transferable to planting other grape types.

“PREPARING BEDS FOR GRAPES” by Oklahoma Gardening at Oklahoma State focuses on the soil and site and how to prepare the bed for planting. See also their good videos about building a grape trellis and planting a grape.

“HOW TO BUILD A DIY EASY GRAPEVINE TRELLIS” by CaliKim Garden and Home DIY in California. Nice and easy home-made trellis for a small spaces using easy-to-find materials.

“HOW TO PLANT GRAPES” by Nan Sterman for the television show “A Growing Passion” in San Diego, CA.. Covers growing grapes on an arbor in a warm climate, including how to plant them.

Planting Fruit Trees

These videos cover the basics, plus planting fruit trees in unusual situations and ways – in raised beds, containers and in high-density plantings. Some unusual fruits, too.

These 3 videos by Dave Wilson Nursery in California are basic enough to help gardeners across the U.S.:

“HIGH-DENSITY PLANTING OF FRUIT TREES”  by Oklahoma Gardening is another take on high-density planting, this time with similar types of fruits in the same hole. Includes information on pruning (watch how severely Kim prunes the trees!), planting and care.“HOW TO PLANT A DWARF FRUIT TREE (REDHAVEN PEACH)” by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution: Frugal and Sustainable Organic Gardening. Patrick covers the basics, plus the position of the graft union, why that’s important, and why you shouldn’t add soil amendments to the hole.

“HOW TO PLANT A FRUIT TREE” by GrowVeg is an English video providing info needed to grow all types of fruit trees: planting time, digging a square hole, soil amendments, and care. While the video recommends staking the tree, that’s only really necessary in very windy locations.

“GRAFTED OR SEEDLING FRUIT TREE – WHICH TO CHOOSE?” by Daley’s Fruit Nursery in Australia. Although not specific to fruit trees, the speaker conveys good information on the differences, advantages and disadvantages of growing a grafted tree versus a seedling tree. For gardeners anywhere.

“HOW TO PLANT A DWARF FRUIT TREE IN A POT” by Waimea Nurseries in New Zealand is for gardeners anywhere. It provides good, widely-adapted information on growing fruit trees in containers. Covers the containers, potting mix, fertilizer and care.

“HOW TO GROW FRUIT (ESP CITRUS) IN CONTAINERS” by Sunset Magazine. A short video on growing citrus in pots, focusing on the container, soil, fertilizer and care. The speaker also talks briefly about growing alpine strawberries in containers.

“HOW TO GROW FIGS IN CONTAINERS” by Logee’s Plants in Connecticut. Expert information on growing figs in containers, including varieties, containers, soil, fertilizers and care.

For plant nerds, Logees has a nice selection of videos on growing other unusual fruits in containers. Check out their videos on growing fruits such as Meyer LemonKumquatPomegranateMulberryGuava and even Mango. Be aware they do have greenhouses for overwintering plants