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  • Tell your readers about a great new resource: 900+ curated videos that teach them to garden, and inspire them with tours of home gardens, and lots more. They can browse or search videos on this website or on Youtube, or go directly to the Seasonal Guides. Videos promoted by GGVideos are both technically watchable (e.g., no shaky cameras) and accurate (no statements contrary to agreed-upon evidence). These days people are learning to garden from videos, and GGVideos is directing them to the ones that will help them succeed as gardeners and also protect the environment.
    Your readers might also be interested in the collected Tips for Making your Own Videos with little or no budget.
  • Report the very timely story of the pro-science movement in gardening. It begins with the Garden Professors Blog, their large and growing Facebook group, and their award-winning books. (See authors Linda Chalker-Scott and Jeff Gilman.) GGVideos joins the movement, working to steer the public away from gardening myths and misinformation.
    Press release: New Pro-Science Movement in Gardening April 25, 2017.

Background and Details

  • About GGVideos – how it arose in response to today’s dearth of how-to-garden shows on TV, and complaints about bad gardening information on the Internet. Learn about GGVideos’ mission, action plan and finances.
  • Who We Are – the Editors and Advisory Team behind GGVideos.

Images and Video


Fran Sorin at CBS Radio calls GGVideos “An excellent site…Check out Good Gardening You won’t be disappointed.”

Lifehacker likes GGVideos and one myth-debunking video in particular. Here’s the story.


Jim Peterson, publisher of Garden Design Magazine: “I’ve often thought there were many worthy gardening videos available online – if you could only find them without first having to look at so many that are not worthy. Well, Good Gardening Videos has done the work for you. At the good Gardening Video website you can find videos categorized by topic, and reviewed by people who actually know gardening. You’ll want to bookmark this resource and check back regularly.”

Elizabeth Licata, editor, Buffalo Spree: “Don’t: Do random Youtube searches for instructional gardening videos and pick the first result. Do: Visit Good Gardening Videos, a nonprofit site that presents thematically organized videos free of advertorials or untested home remedies. Many comes from university extension services; all have been screened for their scientific accuracy, watchability, and usefulness.”


New Terrain reports in “Science Battles Misinformation about Gardening” writes: With learners increasingly turning to video, next came Good Gardening, a campaign to aggregate accurate, reliable videos and steer gardeners away from the ones that are misleading or confusing. Founder Susan Harris explains, “Bad advice is everywhere – from self-appointed gurus, profit-hungry corporations and ardent ideologues, on top of the usual dreck created by SEO-savvy content mills. Bad gardening advice leads to gardener failure and even environmental harm, so something had to be done about it.”

The Garden Writers Association‘s “On the QT” heralds the hiring of Charlie Nardozzi as edibles Editor for GGVideos. It’s on page 5 of this issue.

Jennifer Eberling, host of Still Growing Podcast: “Good  Gardening Videos should be bookmarked on your web browser. You can have confidence in these videos…Good Gardening Videos is worth checking out and I would say that for any gardener, this website is a wonderful source for reliable continuing education.”


Videos Teach Proper Pruning by Julie Brocklehurst-Woods:

I was recently delighted to learn about a new web site, which already includes several pruning videos: The people involved in this project have a high level of gardening expertise. A couple are also “Garden Professors,” members of the group that I believe provides us with the highest quality gardening information on the Internet. Other leaders in this new venture are involved in various aspects of the horticulture industry.

The problem with the Internet free-for-all with gardening information is that much of it will lead to failure and frustration, not success. This organization also wishes to bring forward information from universities, public gardens and other fact-based resources.

Dr. Holly Scoggins, one of the five blogging Garden Professors: “I’ve worked with Susan on her awesome effort to corral, produce and promote educational and inspirational garden videos. She has a terrific editorial board with a formal process in place, for vetting content. Great job at screening out out the dreck/woo/nonsense and producing a one-stop-shop for science-based gardening videos!”

In the Livingston County News Julie Brocklehurst-Woods recommends our Video Guide to Harvesting Vegetables. Master Gardeners.

PegPlant says “Learn to Garden with Good Gardening Videos.”