Best Videos on Planting Trees, Shrubs and Perennials

How to Plant Trees and Shrubs*

NEW:  “HOW TO PLANT A TREE THE RIGHT WAY” by Joe Lamp’l, host of PBS’s Growing a Greener World. 

“HOW TO PLANT A HYDRANGEA”  by Laura LeBoutillier on the Garden Answer Youtube Channel. Her technique works well for shrubs in general.

“HOW TO PLANT A TREE, STEP BY STEP”  by Charlie Nardozzi for the National Gardening Association. Though he recommends planting in fall, the how-to advice applies equally well to spring, which is the most popular time to plant because that’s when the garden centers are well stocked with plants.


HOW TO PLANT A TREE FROM A CONTAINER”  from Osmocote is helpful and doesn’t even mention using their products.

HOW TO PLANT A TREE” by Behnke Nurseries in Maryland.

“HOW TO PLANT A TREE OR SHRUB” by horticulturist Dave Epstein at Growing Wisdom.

“HOW TO PLANT A LARGE SHADE TREE” from TV’s This Old House focuses on large trees that come balled and burlapped from the nursery.

“HOW TO PLANT A POTTED TREE OR SHRUB” by Land Designs in Connecticut.

Transplanting (moving) Trees and Shrubs 


HOW TO TRANSPLANT A SHRUB” by The Garden Continuum in Massachusetts.

How to Plant Perennials

“HOW TO PLANT PERENNIALS” by horticulturist Kristin Schleiter. Good watering instructions, too.

“TOP TIPS FOR PLANTING PERENNIALS” by Lucy Summers, author of  the (Royal Hort Society-endorsed) Greenfingers Guides. We include this non-North American expert because it’s so useful (after she calls it “a bit silly and a bit basic.”)

“HOW TO PLANT PERENNIALS” by Tagawa Gardens in the Denver area.

Transplanting (moving) Perennials 

“MOVING PERENNIALS IN FALL OR EARLY SPRING” by horticulturist Dave Epstein of Growing Wisdom.

*Update on Soil Amendments: Due to recent research findings, some Extension universities are advising against adding amendments at planting, even suggesting that adding organic matter and nutrients could impair the development of the plant. (See Dr. Linda Chalker-Scott’s “The Myth of Soil Amendments” for Washington State and more amendment myth-busting from Oregon State – the 4th and 8th myths).