How to Find More Accurate Gardening Info

So where ELSE can you find accurate gardening information these days? Below, our suggestions for other, non-video sources.

On the Web

Google:  Try using the search term to find answers from universities. For example, for compost info you could put compost in the Google box. Or add the school of your choice to find their specific info on the topic. (E.g., compost

To find actual research papers, use Google Scholar – because that’s what it serves up. Not for anyone looking for a quick answer.

Search Cooperative Extension Universities: Extension Search allows you to search hundreds of Cooperative Extension sites, which are land-grant universities charged with educating the public about gardening (among other things). Because not all Extension websites will give you the same answer on every topic, it’s best to visit more than one, and look for information that’s been published in the last five years or so.

More Recommended Websites and Facebook Groups

These websites are frequently recommended by one or more members of our Advisory Team.

In Print 

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These books are recommended by one or more of our Team members as trusted sources.

Extension University Publications (free or to purchase)