Good Gardening Videos is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Its ad-free website and Youtube channel are dedicated to the mission of guiding the public toward evidence-based gardening information and away from hucksterism, toxic home-made remedies and exaggerated claims of advocates.

Created by volunteers who believe in the cause of accuracy, it’s a very low-cost service, but we ask for your help in meeting these expenses:

  • Services of a WordPress developer to  improve the site.
  • Additional services by our graphic artist.
  • Consulting by a professional horticulturist to root out videos containing  misinformation.
  • Advertising on Facebook and elsewhere so the public finds this educational service.

Editorial services by Susan Harris and input from the Advisory Committee continue to be rendered at no charge.

If you share our mission, please help. It’s tax-deductible. No need to create a Paypal account, or log in to an account you already have.

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