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Where does the public go to learn to garden these days? Videos on YouTube! Trouble is, they’re finding a lot of videos that

  • Contain misinformation that can cause gardeners to fail
  • Are sales pitches in disguise
  • Are click-bait for content mills
  • Don’t identify the speaker’s location, or even the name
  • Are by experts from other continents
  • Recommend harmful products or “remedies”
  • Are marred by shaky cameras or traffic noise

So garden writers and horticulturists created this award-winning nonprofit campaign to curate gardening video for accuracy and watchability. It’s a one-stop shop for quality gardening instruction especially for North Americans.

So far, GGVideos has found more than 600 good videos that

  • Teach beginners and others to succeed as gardeners, with reliable how-to information
  • Are made by Extension scientists and other trusted experts
  • Clearly identify the expert and the location
  • Are well made and engaging

How Sponsoring GGVideos is Good for Business

  • It’s a good cause that also creates more customers. 
  • Your logo will be added to our site and your sponsorship announced in the monthly newsletter and via social media.
  • You can add one of these handy graphics to your own website or social media accounts to show your support for the cause.
  • Good how-to videos made by companies are promoted on the GGVideos website, YouTube channel and social media – at no charge to the company.
  • Companies can identify their videos were “Named a Best Video” or “As Seen on Good Gardening Videos.”
  • GGVideos works with companies by suggesting topics that need to be covered and low-cost ways to make videos.

How Sponsoring is Good for Organizations and Individuals, Too 

  • Your support helps more people find this free but invaluable resource and learn to garden.
  • New gardeners means more people growing their own food, improving their local environment and boosting their own mental and physical well-being.
  • You’re also supporting science over myths and cute graphics on Pinterest.
  • Organizations can show their support for these good causes by adding a graphic to their website.

If you support the cause of free, high-quality gardening instruction, please help. There’s no need to create or log in to a Paypal account.

Good Gardening is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, so all donations are tax-deductible.




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