Best Videos on Creating a Veg Garden


Watch and learn to make a vegetable garden from these 26 videos, the best we could find on YouTube. The Vegetable Garden Design videos cover layouts, designs and planning tools. The Raised Bed Gardening videos demonstrate building raised beds and have tips for planting, too. We include 5 videos about Growing Food in Containers.  And the Specialty Raised Bed videos for the avid gardener cover straw bale gardening, square foot gardening, hugelkultur beds and keyhole raised beds.

The videos were selected by horticulturist/Vermont gardener Charlie Nardozzi, edibles editor of Good Gardening Videos. He includes a video he made for the National Gardening Association when he was their spokesman.

Vegetable Garden Design

Vegetable Garden Design: Choosing the Right Layout for your Garden by GrowVeg in the U.K. The basics on growing vegetables in beds, including different types of beds, bed size, planting orientation, bed paths and using their garden planner online tool.

Compact Vegetable Garden Design Ideas, Kitchen Gardens, Raised Bed Vegetable Garden from Canadian design website Grig Stamate. Visuals only – a slide show of various types of vegetable garden bed design ideas.

Beginning Gardening: Best Location for a Vegetable Garden”  by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution.  First in a 3-video series for beginning vegetable gardeners, this one focusing on the best location and site for the garden. Subsequent videos cover “Designing Your First Garden Bed” and “What To Grow.”


Planning your First Raised Bed Using Square Foot Gardening for Beginners” by Stephen Legaree of Alberta Urban Garden, Simple, Organic and Sustainable. Covers planning the garden after you’ve created the raised bed, including what to grow, how to grow the plants and bed design.

Planning a Vegetable Garden” by Dave Epstein of Growing Wisdom. How to lay out the design of your vegetable garden, with information on succession planting.

How to Design a Vegetable Garden by Allison Reynolds of Ali’s Organics and Garden Supplies in Utah. How to design your vegetable garden on a piece of graph paper, plus what to plant and plant spacing. Cute duckling in the garden, too.

Seed-Starting Timeline by University of Maryland Extension. The basics of what to plant and when to plant them outdoors. Includes when to start veggies from seed indoors. This is the first video in a series on seed-starting.

Plant  Selection and Layout, Your Florida Vegetable Garden” by the University of Florida Extension of Pinellas County. Vegetable garden plant selection and layout, specifically for Florida.

Intensive Planting” by the U. Maryland Extension. All about the best ways to space your plants to get the most out of your garden space.

Raised Beds

How to Build a Raised-Bed Garden with Wood – Easy and Cheap by Patrick Dolan of One Yard Revolution.  Basic, step-by-step building of a wooden raised bed. Includes a nice wooden cap on the bed edge so you can sit on the bed and garden from there.

How to Build a Raised Bed” by University of Georgia Extension expert Walter Reeves. The A to Z of making a raised bed, especially focusing on the soil to use to fill the raised-bed frame.

How to Make a Raised-Bed Garden” by National Gardening Association spokesman/educator Charlie Nardozzi.  Basics on raised beds with an emphasis on building a free-standing raised bed without permanent edging.

DIY: Raised Bed Patio Planter” by Laura of Garden Answer. Step by step on building a 2-tiered raised bed to save space and look attractive on a patio, too.

Learn the Benefits of Gardening in Raised Beds by Joe Lamp’l (host of PBS’s “Growing a Greener World”). Why grow plants in raised beds? Joe gives you the answer, plus the best bed size and height and the best soil.

Specialty Raised Beds

Square Foot Gardening: Growing More in Less Space by GrowVeg in the U.K. All the basics on Mel Bartholomew’s technique of creating a 1-foot square grid on a raised bed. Includes information on what plants to grow, how much to plant, plus the offer of an online garden-planning tool.

“How to Build a Keyhole Raised-Bed Garden” by Patrick Dolan at One Yard Revolution. Working from the permaculture idea of keyhole gardening, Patrick shows us the step-by-step details of building a simple keyhole bed using wood.

What is the Lasagna Gardening Method? by Trish at Grow Organic Peaceful Valley in California. Demonstrates how to create a lasagna garden without having to till or dig. Includes information on what materials to layer in your lasagna bed. She also explains that the lasagna bed does take time to break down and become ready for planting.

Straw Bale Gardening” by horticulturist Melinda Myers. What is straw bale gardening and how to garden in bales without soil. Covers how to set up the bales, pretreat them, plant and fertilize.

Build a Lazy Bed for Growing Food (No-Dig Permaculture Raised Bed)” by Huws Nursery in Wales. How to build a layered permaculture bed with cardboard, compost and hay mulch.

Basic Principles of Building Hugelkultur Raised-Bed Gardens” by Plant Abundance in the Bay Area of California. This video describes hugelkultur and the benefits of building a hugelkultur bed. Includes different ways and materials to use to build the bed.

Growing Vegetables in Containers


Growing Large Vegetables and Fruits in Containers” by CaliKim in S. California. How to grow large vegetables like squash, tomatoes and watermelons in fabric containers. Includes information on drip irrigation and trellising the plants.

Growing a Lot of Food in Small Spaces with Container Gardening  by Alberta Urban Garden. Beginning container gardening with vegetables. Includes information on different types of containers, including self-watering containers. He also covers the best soil, fertilizers, plus what vegetables to grow and how to grow them.

Complete Guide to Successful Patio Gardening by MIGardener.  All the basics for beginners who want to grow food on their deck or patio in containers. Includes information on the best plants for different size containers.

Container Gardening: An Easy Way to Grow your Own Food  by the U. Maryland Extension. Covers different types of containers to use for different plants and information on soil and fertilizing.

Use Self-Watering Containers to Grow Almost Anything by Monica Hemingway of Gardening Products Review. Nice review of different types of self-watering containers, including self-watering inserts. Also why self-watering containers are good to use and what to plant in them.