The Best Videos that Teach Fall Gardening

Curators at the nonprofit educational campaign Good Gardening Videos have combed YouTube to find the very best how-to videos on the most important topics for gardening in the fall. The videos are short, easy to watch, and accurate. (No misinformation, sales pitches or environmentally harmful practices allowed.)

Fall Lawn Care

Everyone agrees that fall is the best time to start, repair or fertilize cool-season lawns. (That means fescues and Kentucky Bluegrass.) Here are 11 videos (3 covering general fall lawn care, 4 about fertilizing, 3 about lawn repair and 1 about choosing the best seed) plus text and links to more good text.

How to Plant Trees, Shrubs and Perennials

Fall (and spring) are the best times to get plants in the ground, with time to settle in before winter. Here are 11 videos about planting and 3 about moving them.

How to Plant Bulbs in the Fall

These videos explain the choices of bulbs (tulips, daffodils, etc), the right way to plant them, and include some design tips, too. 14 videos (5 overviews, 4 bulb-specific, 3 about naturalizing and 2 cover bulbs in containers).

How to Harvest Vegetables

These 24 short harvest videos target just one crop each. They were made by 14 experts from across the U.S.

Composting and Soil Improvement

Fall is the prime time for gardeners to compost plant material and improve their soil using fallen leaves and cover crops. These 6 videos about composting and 7 videos about other types of soil improvement were made by 11 experts across North America.