Best British Gardening Channels on YouTube

Good Gardening Videos is pleased to present Gardening on YouTube – the Best of the Brits, all chosen by our new London editor Jane Perrone.

The American editors at GGVideos love her choices, but we recommend turning on YouTube’s closed captions so you don’t miss a word.

About Jane Perrone
Jane writes for a range of publications, including the Guardian, the Financial Times, Gardens IllustratedGrow Your Own magazine and The English Garden. She is industry zone editor for the Society of Garden Designers’ magazine, Garden Design Journal.

Jane’s background is in news journalism, having spent more than 20 years working in local newspapers, then the Guardian as a reporter and news desk editor. In 2008 she become gardening editor at the Guardian, where she worked until 2017.

Jane is a member of Association of Garden Communicators in the U.S. and of the Garden Media Guild in the U.K.

Best of the Gardening Brits on YouTube: Individuals

Charles Dowding 

Charles Dowding was recently crowned social media influencer of the year by the UK Garden Media Guild, an organisation representing journalists in horticulture. With 107,000 subscribers and rising, Dowding has established himself as a guru in the field of no-dig horticulture. With decades of experience as a market gardener, Dowding has the knowledge to back it up, filming from his plot of land in Somerset he uses to grow £21,000-worth of produce a year for his local vegetable box scheme, as well as supplying produce for his family and the gardening and cookery courses he runs. He covers the whole gamut of veg gardening, from how to grow peas for pods to saving vegetable seed. ht

Explore the Charles Dowding Channel on YouTube.

GGVideos editor’s note – we noticed Charles’s channel and previously recommended his video about the pros of no-dig gardening.

Castle Hill Garden

If you’ve ever visited the UK, you will come across chaps like the Castle Hill gardener behind picket fences and privet hedges in every town and village; what you might call an “old school” English gardener. His videos showcase his tidy, highly productive fruit and veg garden, and give viewers an insight into some serious skills, from plaiting garlic  to tomato grafting. Daughter Gemma, a florist, also makes an appearance demonstrating craft projects using homegrown produce, like this wonderful Halloween hair comb.

Explore the Castle Hill Garden Channel on YouTube.

Garden Ninja

The Garden Ninja aka Lee Burkhill stands out in the UK garden blogger scene. He’s an award-winning garden designer based in the north west of England, and his videos include a Garden Design Diary playlist that offers an insight into his approach and methods, as well as a whole host of practical videos on everything from how to fit a green roof to a garden shed to a succulent container planting guide. He is also doing important work educating gardeners about how to move away from the use of plastic in the garden.  Burkhill was a finalist in the UK-based Garden Media Guild’s Social Media Influencer of the Year Award in 2018, illustrating his impact on the garden vlogging scene.

Explore the Garden Ninja Channel on YouTube

GGVideos editor’s note – we’d found Lee and promoted his Front Yard Make-over and “Ninja Flame-Weeder.” 

UK Here We Grow

If you want to get a look at a classic British allotment in all its glory, from homemade sheds to abundant veg, check UK Here We Grow with Tony O’Neill. This channel covers grow your own, poultry keeping and beekeeping, all presented by the affable Welshman O’Neill. There are more than 300 videos on everything from growing giant potatoes  to building a wildlife pond on your plot .  (Don’t miss the eye-popping footage of Tony removing a honeybee colony from a chimney.)

Explore the UK Here We Grow channel on YouTube.

The Middle-Sized Garden

Alexandra Campbell got frustrated by the lack of advice for people with middle-sized gardens like hers: not big enough for a ride-on mower, but big enough to make planning a new border very daunting. Alexandra’s channel covers the bases of garden care, seasonal tips and in an engaging way, including how to choose the perfect garden tree  and 20+ ideas for garden seating.  She also shares a powerful account of her personal experiences of PTSD and how gardening has helped her recovery.

Explore the Middle-Sized Garden YouTube Channel.

GGVideos editor’s note: we discovered Alexandra and have recommended three of her videos, so far. She was also profiled by GGVideos editor Susan Harris on the blog GardenRant.

Diary of a UK Gardener

London-based gardener Sean James Cameron has a wealth of professional experience working in TV; that means his YouTube channel always looks slick. Many of Sean’s videos are short, practical and educational, covering how to chit potatoes or how to take rosemary cuttings,  but he also uploads raw footage of him at work on the allotment which is a mesmerising watch – perfect for days when you can’t get outside yourself. Watch out for another popular character on Sean’s channel, Rusty the Allotment Cat.

Explore the Diary of a UK Gardener YouTube Channel.

Huw’s Nursery

Huw Richards is only in his early twenties, but he has pretty much grown up on YouTube, putting out videos on veg growing since 2011. Despite his youth, his advice on organic and sustainable growing is exemplary: we really should be taking seriously Huw’s ambition to emulate British TV gardening royalty Alan Titchmarsh. And he’s on the way – Huw has been hailed in the British press as a “horticultural sensation” and his first gardening book, on raised-bed vegetable gardening, will be published by DK this March. A spinoff channel, Huw’s 60 Second Gardening, offers bite-sized videos showing the basics of sowing, pest control and preparing the soil.

Explore the Huw’s Nursery YouTube Channel.

GGVideo editor’s note: we’ve admired Huw’s work and have recommended these three videos of his, so far.

Lovely Greens

Organic gardener Tanya Anderson has created an engaging channel that’s full of practical projects that are easy to follow; her most popular video shows how to make a strawberry planter from a wooden pallet, for instance. There’s a playlist for beekeeping and another for creative craft ideas but my favourite thing is the atmospheric footage from Tanya’s allotment, which is one of the prettiest in the country.

Explore the Lovely Greens YouTube Channel:

GGVideos editor’s note: we recently shared Tanya’s video about making natural Christmas wreaths.

The Enduring Gardener

Daniel Carruthers owns a small cottage garden in Chester, northwest England, and his slick YouTube channel is a great resource for anyone wanting to master basic gardening tasks, with short practical videos that are easy to follow. For instance, check out his guide to pruning Wisteria  and planting spring bulbs in pots. The garden started as a blank canvas a few years back, but Daniel has quickly established a delightful space that you’ll get to explore through his seasonal video tours. Daniel’s a natural behind the camera, so I have a feeling this channel will grow and grow.

Explore The Enduring  Gardener channel on YouTube.


Homegrown Garden

St Ann’s Allotments in Nottingham is one of the largest and oldest allotment sites in Europe. Plot holder Katrina has been tending some ground here since 2015, and for the last year she’s been documenting her progress on YouTube. Her videos mainly consist of monthly tours of her crops, polytunnel, wildlife area and cutting garden, and updates from her charming potting shed. If you need inspiration for your 2019 gardening plans, check out her reflections on 2018 video.

Explore the Homegrown Garden channel on YouTube.


Best of the Gardening Brits on YouTube:
Companies & Organizations

The Royal Horticultural Society 

The British gardening charity brings you video tours of its gardens, behind the scenes looks at its flower shows, including Chelsea and Hampton Court Palace, and how-to videos on everything from how to make a succulent wreath to garden design tipsExplore the RHS YouTube channel.

Garden Organic


The UK’s leading organic growing charity offers a mixture of videos: some practical, like a seed sowing guide with their head of organic horticulture Chris Collins and some videos linked to the charity’s Growing From Your Roots project, which investigates growing exotic food crops in the UK. Explore the Garden Organic Channel on YouTube.

National Trust 


The National Trust is the custodian of many historic and famous gardens around Britain; their Gardens and Gardening Playlist  gives an insight into their work, from extreme weeding on the cliff face garden at St Michael’s Mount to the story of landscaper Capability Brown.



Crocus has established itself as one of the UK’s most respected mail order nurseries; their channel consists of short, practical videos by their plant doctor Helen, covering key gardening tips and advice, including alternatives to Boxwood and choosing ornamental grasses for shade.

Thompson Morgan


This mail order company for plants and seeds are known for their brightly coloured paper catalogue, but they’re moving into the 21st century with a well-populated YouTube channel that sells some of their products and offers instructional videos on growing runner beans and the like. 

More U.K. Gardening Channels to Check Out

  • National Garden Scheme coordinates charity openings for 3,500 private gardens in England and Wales.
  • GrowVeg is a vegetable garden planning app with a very useful set of practical videos on YouTube.
  • Quickcrop is a seller of supplies for veg gardeners with a specialism in wooden raised beds and square foot gardening.
  • Suttons is a seed company that offers a range of exotic vegetables selected by popular gardener James Wong. Among the content on this channel are Wong’s videos about growing dahlia yams, cucamelons, and more.