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How to Identify and Treat Weeds in Your Lawn

BOSTON, MA Help from horticulturist and meteorologist Dave Epstein of GrowingWisdom.com. Visit his Youtube Channel for lots more excellent videos. GGVideos Editor Note: This is very good very good and we have only one quibble – that he didn’t mention the benefits of leaving clover in the lawn.

Overseeding Your Lawn

MASSACHUSETTS From Mahoney’s Garden Centers. Kristina, one of Mahoney’s lawn-care specialists, talks about over-seeding your lawn, an important part of every traditional or organic lawn care plan. Does your lawn have thin, bare spots? Do you see patches with weeds and crabgrass? Is your lawn looking tired and drab? The cure can be as easy as …Read more »

How to Revive a Brown Lawn

From This Old House for a national audience. BY landscape contractor Roger Cook, who demonstrates breathing new life into a dead lawn. Shopping List for Reviving a Brown Lawn: – type 12-24-11 starter fertilizer, used to promote root growth – grass seed, used to create new lawn – compost, for enriching the grass seed Tools for …Read more »

Simple Steps to a Thriving Lawn and Garden on Less Water

From Milorganite, with Joe Lamp’l (in the Atlanta area, but speaking to a national audience). Three steps to a healthy and thriving lawn and garden with Joe Lamp’l from Growing a Greener World. 1) Build the Soil 2) Irrigate Effectively 3) Use Mulch and Mow High. GGVideos Editor: Tips for lawn and for vegetable beds, but not for …Read more »

A Fabulous Lawn in 5 Easy Steps

CHICAGO, IL From Milorganite (which sells organic fertilizer made from treated sewage – very safe!) by Melinda Myers. From the GGVideos editors: A good overview, giving high- and low-maintenance options (low-maintenance requiring just one feeding per year, in the fall). Also suggests letting the lawn go dormant in the summer, and recommends against using any …Read more »

Fertilizing Lawns

CHICAGO, IL From Milorganite (which sells organic fertilizers made from treated sewage – very safe) by horticulturist Melinda Myers. Great explanation of choices the homeowner has – including a lower-maintenance lawn than a golf course. For low-maintenance, she recommends just one feeding per year, in the fall. The video does sell Milorganite products, but the information …Read more »

Organic Lawn Care

CHICAGO, IL From Pasquesi Home and Gardens, by Melinda Myers. Good year-round overview of a resource-conserving approach to having a good lawn. We know it’s resource-conserving because she suggests letting your lawn go dormant.

Tour a REAL School Garden

By the national nonprofit REAL School Gardens.

Ketcham Elementary’s Big Dig

WASHINGTON, D.C. The “Big Dig” at Ketcham Elementary School in the Anacostia neighborhood of Washington, D.C. The national nonprofit REAL School Gardens works with the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, Hilton Worldwide , D.C. United MAXIMUS Foundation, and American Association of Medical Colleges to build a new learning garden.

Children’s Garden in Iowa City

IOWA CITY, IOWA Published May 17, 2013. The City Plaza Children’s Garden was planted on June 8, 2013, as part of the Iowa City Public Library’s Children’s Day events. This downtown garden is the result of collaboration between New Pioneer Co-op and the city of Iowa City. Scott Koepke, the education and outreach coordinator for …Read more »

Morton Arboretum Children’s Garden

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS Mike Nowak’s “Dig in Chicago” takes us to the Morton Arboretum Children’s Garden.

San Antonio Children’s Garden

SAN ANTONIO, TX Script: The San Antonio Botanical Gardens is known for showing of exotic plant life — like orchids and colorful roses. But in rear of the Botanical center more mundane plants are grown — back at the Children’s Vegetable Garden. Every Saturday morning children like nine-year old Ben Wenzel show up with their parents …Read more »