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U. NEBRASKA-LINCOLN UNL Extension Landscape Horticulture Specialist Kim Todd shows us some great selections of asters for fall color.

Master Gardeners Youth Program

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND Montgomery County Master Gardeners’ Youth Garden at White Oak Community Recreation Center in Silver Spring, Md. Produced by the Montgomery County County Council.

Drought Design for Wildlife Habitat

TEXAS From Central Texas Gardener on KLRU-TV in Austin. In Hudson Bend overlooking Lake Travis, Bruce McDonald saw the lake vanish before his eyes. To respond to drought, he ripped out his front lawn for waterwise plants. In back, he cleared a wildfire jungle for serene outdoor living rooms around ponds fed with rainwater collection.

American Bonsai in Garden Design Magazine

GARDEN DESIGN MAGAZINE Garden Design’s editor in chief, Thad Orr, talks about how bonsai master Ryan Neil of Bonsai Mirai (near Portland, Oregon) develops bonsai with a uniquely American twist. A story on Neil titled “American Bonsai” is featured in the Autumn 2016 issue of Garden Design magazine.

Desert Native Plants in Garden Design Magazine

GARDEN DESIGN MAGAZINE Garden Design’s editor in chief, Thad Orr, talks about one of his favorite stories in the Autumn 2016 issue of Garden Design magazine: “Out of the Wilderness,” featuring Ron Gass of Mountain States Wholesale Nursery in Glendale, Arizona. Orr discusses Gass’s story and how he’s spent much of his life advocating for …Read more »

Small Garden Design Part 2 – Townhouse Garden

GREENBELT, MD From Garden Clips: Susan Harris of Garden Rant continues the tour as she shows us her small townhouse back yard garden. Susan removed the existing lawn and put in a small patio to serve as a seating area. She planted the surrounding beds with easy to care for perennials and potted annuals and …Read more »

Naturalizing the Lawn with Small Bulbs

INDIANA UNIVERSITY Prepare for spring with a fall planting of minor bulbs. Greg Speichert of Indiana University shows how to naturalize your spring lawn with small bulbs. Video sponsored by Osmocote.

How to Grow Crocus Thomasinianus

NEW HAVEN, CT By Eric Larson, of Yale’s March Botanical Garden, for Garden Clips Crocus Thomasiniana – the early, “squirrel proof” crocus. March is all about Spring bulbs. It’s March thirteenth and I’m here in Connecticut crouching down amongst a big patch of Crocus thomasiniana which is a very early crocus. This is a very …Read more »

How to Grow Grape Hyacinths

NEW HAVEN, CT From Eric Larson of Yale’s Marsh Botanical Gardens, for Garden Clips. Daffodils shout “Spring!” even when winter is still gripping with blue-white fingers the last of the weeks in March. But Daffodils can appear even better when you add some contrast,which brings us to Muscari, or Grape-Hyacinth. The common name comes from …Read more »

Planting Tulips in Pots

PORTLAND, OR From Gardentime TV: If you have trouble with rotting bulbs, esp. tulips. Here are some tips to help solve the problem.

Planting Spring-Flowering Bulbs

NATIONAL GARDENING ASSOCIATION Across the country fall is the time to plant spring bulbs. To get great color and pop from your spring beauties, follow Charlie Nardozzi’s steps for designing, planting, and maintaining a bulb garden.

How to Plant Spring-Flowering Bulbs

From GARDENISTA Gardenista’s own Michelle Statalla’s beautiful fall bulb DIY is a wonderful way to surprise yourself in the spring. This easy tutorial will leave you totally inspired to create a remarkable bouquet of daffodils, white tulips and Siberian squill in your own backyard. For more tips on caring for your garden, visit us at http://www.gardenista.com