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Top 10 Pollinator Plants

From NEBRASKA PHEASANTS FOREVER In this Habitat Tip, we discuss the Top 10 plants you want in your next pollinator habitat project! Recommended to GGVideos by Benjamin Vogt of Monarch Gardens. Tip: the plants start at 1:24 minutes.

Fall Window Baskets

FROM GARDEN ANSWER IN OREGON Graceful Grasses® Toffee Twist Carex – https://goo.gl/qq61Qt Lemon Coral™ Sedum mexicanum – https://goo.gl/CBdM8k Tapestry Mix Pansy – https://goo.gl/P5Q3W9 Ornamental Red Cabbage – https://goo.gl/Z0G1Y2 Preserved Oak Leaves – https://goo.gl/yKccAm

‘North Pole’ Arborvitae Hedge

OREGON’S GARDEN ANSWER From Laura at Garden Answer: Super excited to be starting a hedge with ‘North Pole‘ Arborvitaes – perfect for the narrow area behind our greenhouse!

Garden Mums, Symbol of Fall

LOUISIANA STATE U. Chrysanthemums, or ‘garden mums’ as they’re called, are a symbol of fall. On this edition of Get It Growing, LSU AgCenter horticulturist Dan Gill explains how to select mums that can provide nice color for your fall landscape.

Pink Muhly Grass

OKLAHOMA STATE From Oklahoma Gardening: Host Casey Henteges introduces a beautiful ornamental grass that will bring a pop of color to any garden, Muhly Grass.

Dwarf Conifers for Winter Interest

PORTLAND, OREGON From Garden Time TV: We stop and visit with Rick of French Prairie Perennials about some great plants for Fall and Winter interest in the garden. These grasses and conifers will help make your garden shine.

How to Divide Daylilies

COLORADO STATE U. Luan Aiken discusses how to divide your bulbs and day lilies.

Stylish No-Lawn Drought Design

AUSTIN, TX From KLRU’s Central Texas Gardener: In 2008, Author and Digging blogger Pam Penick stepped up to the challenge when she and husband David moved to a neighborhood that’s literally home with the armadillos and deer. To put her stamp on her new garden, she tackled shade, flood water control, and yards of grass. One spot …Read more »

How to Cover Hardy Bananas for the Winter

From LOGEE’S in CONNECTICUT Learn how to put the hardy banana to bed for the winter. Once there is a hard frost. Learn how to cut down your banana, how to cover it, when to uncover it and other tips to protect your banana until spring. For more information visit- http://www.logees.com To see our Hardy …Read more »

Gardening with Kids

WHEATON, MARYLAND At Brookside Gardens, Ellen Hartranft discusses some fun ideas for getting kids excited about gardening.

Trailer for Charlie Nardozzi Talks

NATIONAL SPEAKER Charlie Nardozzi talks about his speaking engagements on gardening.

Fall Container Inspiration

GARDEN ANSWER in OREGON| Plants used: Prairie Winds® ‘Desert Plains’ Fountain Grass Pennisetum – https://goo.gl/M4z639 Orange Pansy – https://goo.gl/EMD1Ra ‘Coral Queen’ Ornamental Kale – https://goo.gl/V9B1E3 Fun and Games® ‘Red Rover’ Heucherella – https://goo.gl/5xrdzt Containers by Garage – http://goo.gl/yzJCu4 This video was made in partnership with Proven Winners.