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How to Save Lettuce Seeds Two Ways

S. CALIFORNIA From CaliKim Garden and Home DIY How to save lettuce seeds from your garden in two different ways, whether you have a few seeds to save, or a lot. It’s EASY and FREE. FREE growing guide “Grow 3 Vegetables in 6 Weeks”:   Growing Lettuce in the Hot Weather:… SUBSCRIBE: …Read more »

Discover Buffalo-Style Gardening

BUFFALO, NY Buffalo-style gardening has been getting a lot of attention in the garden media and it’ll get lots more in August of 2017 when Buffalo hosts the Garden Writer Association’s annual symposium. See what’s going on there in this cool video.

How to Harvest and Cure Garlic

PACIFIC NORTHWEST By Misilla at Learn to Grow Harvest garlic. How to harvest your garlic! When to harvest garlic. Harvesting, Curing and Storing Garlic! Buy Garlic for planting, Soft Neck: Hard Neck Garlic: STAY CONNECTED WITH LEARN TO GROW…… JOIN OUR COMMUNITY ON FACEBOOK!…

How to Get Rid of Tomato Hornworms

GRASS VALLEY, CALIFORNIA By Patricia Boudier at Peaceful Valley Farm and Garden Supply Tomato hornworms can quickly defoliate a tomato plant, learn how to get them before they get your tomatoes. Watch More Videos:…

When to Harvest Eggplants

KANSAS From Kansas State’s Garden Kansas Eggplants come in all varieties — from the familiar dark purple to skinny white ones. And they’re easy to prepare by oven roasting or grilling. This segment demonstrates several different kinds that grow well in Kansas, and explains the best time to harvest. Produced by the Department of Communications …Read more »

When is a Watermelon Ripe on the Vine?

KANSAS From Kansas State’s Garden Kansas How do you tell when watermelon is ripe on the vine? This segments gives several tips for determining when it’s ready to pick. It also shows a new variety that doesn’t take up much room in the garden — you can even grow it in a large container.

How to Harvest and Store Peppers

S. CALIFORNIA Christy Wilhelmi from Gardenerd shows you how to pick a peck of peppers, with tips for how to store them all winter long.

Harvesting Beans, Cukes, Summer Squash and Zucchini

VERMONT, by Charlie Nardozzi Learn about when and how to harvest popular vegetables such as summer squash, beans and cucumbers. Tips include picking to produce more vegetables and when to harvest for best flavor.

Common Tomato Diseases

NEBRASKA by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension’s Backyard Farmer UNL Extension Plant Diagnostician Amy Timmerman shows us a few common tomato diseases and talks about strategies for management.

Blossom End Rot in Tomatoes

NEBRASKA by University of Nebraska-Lincoln Extension’s Backyard Farmer UNL Extension Educator Amy Timmerman shows us different examples of blossom end rot in tomatoes – both external and internal – and talks about how to avoid it.

How to Grow Lettuce in Hot Weather

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA by CaliKim Garden&Home DIY Here’s how I like to grow lettuce in the hot weather. Where to find me: Watch CaliKim on Carbon TV:… Instagram: Facebook Page: Pinterest: Veggie Gardener: Hang out with me at First Garden G+ Community: Check out behind the scenes videos on CaliKim’s …Read more »

Easy Propagating Tips for Endless Supply of Oregano and Rosemary

SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA by CaliKim Garden&Home DIY How to have an endless supply of oregano and rosemary by propagating (or make new plants from an existing plant). By following the easy tips I share in this video, you’ll never have to buy these delicious herbs at the grocery store again, and will have plenty to give …Read more »