5 Great Veg-Growing Channels on YouTube: Charlie’s Picks!

Our Edibles Editor Charlie Nardozzi subscribes to over 50 YouTube channels on growing food and has been impressed by the many good ones he’s found, but he does have favorites. In this email he’s revealing them.

We encourage you to explore the hundreds of how-to videos on these 5 veg-gardening channels you can trust.

CaliKim29 Garden & Home DIY.  Kim is based in Southern California and has been posting videos for 7 years. After posting hundreds of videos and attracting over 201,000 followers, Calikim is now one of the most widely known home vegetable gardeners on YouTube. She emphasizes how she grows veggies and herbs in her small lot in California using low-cost methods and simple techniques. Her enthusiasm and positive attitude inspires newbie gardeners and she has great audio and visuals from her “camera guy”.


One Yard Revolution Frugal and Sustainable Organic Gardening.  Patrick Dolan in Illinois has been posting videos of his organic back yard garden for 5 years and already has more than 165,000 followers. His very approachable-sized garden features raised beds, season extenders and trellises. He clearly articulates how he grows an abundance of edibles from this small yard with good close-up visuals of his work. This is one of the best organic vegetable gardens channels for cold climate gardeners.

GrowVeg.  This English channel has a lot of good information for home gardeners, most of it appropriate for North American audiences. GrowVeg has been posting videos since 2010 with 148,000 followers. It gives detailed information on all aspects of vegetable gardening from starting seeds to harvesting and storage. The information is conveyed clearly with good visuals and explanations. They also have a handy gardening app.


Grow Organic Peaceful Valley. Based in Northern California, Grow Organic from Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply Company offers clear, accurate gardening information for the Northern California climate. They’ve been posting videos for 8 years and have almost 87,000 followers. Videos cover not just  vegetables and herbs but growing and caring for fruits in California, as well.

University of Maryland Cooperative Extension.  Since 2009, the University of Maryland Home and Garden Information Center has been producing gardening videos for the home gardener. For edibles, they features playlists on vegetables, herbs, composting, insect controls and fruits. Although they only have 3,100 followers, they are a wealth of information for Mid-Atlantic gardeners.